Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Welcome to My Blog, Pumpkin Pie Preview

Welcome to the first official post on Trust Me, It's Delicious! a food blog created by yours truly Chef Mike, giving you a look at all the things I experience on my culinary journey.  Get prepared to be treated with lots of awesome recipes, pictures, and other things I'm working with surrounding food. 

I started getting into the social media craze on Twitter (which has been awesome, thanks everyone for following), but found that there are some serious limitations to sharing when you have only 140 characters! Hence eatingwithchefmike.blogspot.com was born, I wanted give more to an online community I love being a part of.  I am trying to connect with as many chefs, cooks, bakers, grillers, barbecuers, foodies, food lovers, food consumers, food addicts,food devourers, etc. as possible so post a comment, follow the blog, follow me on twitter, or whatever works for you. I will be sure to return the favor and get back to you!

In terms of any kind of schedule for posts I will be dropping a hot new recipe on every Monday or Tuesday, followed later on in the week with a post of shout outs to other great stuff I have found on the internet related to cooking and food so stay tuned!

Here is a little preview of whats to come later this week, can you say Pumpkin Pecan Pie! A turkey day special from Chef Mike!



  1. Hi and welcome to the food blogging community. I am looking forward to all of your recipes and to see your blog grow. Best of luck on your new venture.

  2. Thanks Spicie Foodie! I only hope that this blog shapes out as nicely as yours, one of the blogs that inspired me to start this one!

  3. Hey Chef Mike! Congratulations on starting your food blogging journey! I'm a relative new comer to the food blogging community too...just began food blogging July 2010.

    I look forward to seeing all your wonderful recipes and hearing about your foodie adventures! Let me know if you have any questions or just want to chat! Happy cooking!

  4. Thanks for coming to check out my blog Rebecka! I hope you have some great times in the kitchen as the holiday season approaches with many parties and large meals to prepare. I will keep following you blog and shoot any questions I have your way. Please feel free to do the same!